KIDS & TEENS ART BIRTHDAY PARTIES in Your Home, our Studio, or Other Location!
We create, organize, and conduct art classes, workshops and fun art events for ALL AGES!
Call us to help you organize artistic and creative fundraisers, birthday parties, art walks, art galleries, town events, tourism events, cruises, summer camps etc. We are available to work with Towns, organizations, corporations, restaurants, senior centers, recreation centers, children's programs,
after school programs, summer camps etc.  in Rockland, Orange, Westchester & Putnam!  
Please contact us for more info!
Easy-to-follow Step-by-Step
Hudson Valley Art Classes & Workshops
Adults - College - H.S. Students Welcome

Step-by-Step Drawing - Acrylic - Watercolor
Since 1998!

Arts Alive provides half-day,  one-day and weekend workshops at various locations throughout Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, and lower Orange County, NY and Northern NJ.

Have an ART PARTY in your home!
4 Person Minimum - Rockland, Westchester, Putnam
It can be for a birthday, holiday, or just a fun afternoon or evening
with family or friends!  Ages 12 and thru Adults.
Bring out the beverages and snacks and everyone can relax, have fun,
learn to draw or paint! We do the rest!

Bring your Group to us!
Small Groups of 4 Students can use our
Rockland facility for any workshop
without any additional space rental charge.
Please ask for info!

We offer on-location private art workshops at your home,
school, library, senior center,church, or other facility.
Hire us for a home party, school program, library program,
club or center program,  private group,
corporate or church retreat, camp, etc.

Relax, Refresh & Recharge Your Creativity with us!

The Arts Alive Art School specializes in providing "step-by-step" instruction for beginner art teen and adult students since 1998.  Using our unique methods, we teach students the fundamental techniques of drawing and painting.
By learning basic painting or drawing techniques while creating beautiful paintings or drawings in class, our students quickly learn how to use these techniques to achieve their own personal artistic and creative goals.

Our workshops and classes are a great way to help teens and adults relax,
refresh and recharge their creativity and improve their right-brain function

Decorate Your Home or Office with
paintings & drawings that YOU created!

and create drawings and paintings to decorate your own home or office!


Many of our adult students work at high-stress jobs such as nursing, accounting, teaching, lawyering, etc. and find our classes to be very relaxing. Some students even call them "therapeutic"!  When you're working on a drawing or painting, it is like a "mini-vacation"---you forget all of your stresses, all of your concerns, and your mind focuses soley on what you are creating.  Perhaps that is why "art therapy" is actually a form of therapy---it helps to release the mind from daily stressors, slows the breathing, and creativity and the satisfaction of creating something also increases seratonin levels which is beneficial to a positive mental outlook.


When you create a work of art, you're refreshing your natural creative juices. 
We are creative beings often stuck in jobs that sap our creativity
instead of releasing it. Participating in the arts also allows us to use innate mental problem-solving skills that force us to look, see, and think in new ways and imagine new possibilities.


Come re-charge your "batteries" with us!  Let Art light up your life and your world!
Come draw and paint with us ---and decorate your home, your office and your world with
your own beautiful art creations!

Because we teach all of our classes using easy to follow step by step methods,
you will never feel lost, confused or overwhelmed.  We promise!

So check out our workshops...sign up for one or two...and let your creative juices flow!

Arts Alive Art School
-Since 1998-
Serving students from the Hudson Valley,
Rockland, Westchester, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster
NYC & New Jersey