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"The class was a delight. We all learned so much in a non-intimidating environment. I didn't think I coud draw at all, but I learned that I can do it!"  
--Bonnie Goldberg
"This was a very informative and excellent class. I feel more confident about drawing. It is an E-Z Method! I look forward to the next workshop!
--Vincenza Dimuro
"Excellent class! I learned so much in a short time!"  --Pat O'Connor
Recent Student Comments:
ARTS ALIVE was founded in 1998 by local Hudson Valley artist Irene Czys.  Irene grew up drawing, painting, and taking photos, and although she took art classes and workshops in college, she was mostly self-taught. 

As an adult, she enjoyed a long and successful career as a graphic designer, and in recent years she has been working in photography and video production. Irene has exhibited her art in various galleries and sold many pieces at art shows and via online galleries.

After a long career in graphics, Irene wanted to return to her first love -- painting. In 1998 she opened her studio in the Garnerville Arts Center in Rockland County and founded the Arts Alive School to share her love of art and painting with those who wish to tap into their own creativity. 

She discovered that many local art programs were "sit down and paint" programs where beginner students were mixed in with advanced students and artists and the beginner students felt lost and confused.  Irene wanted her programs to be tailored to true beginners so she developed a series of easy-to-follow step-by-step classes and workshops that have helped hundreds of students discover their own artistic abilities!  

Due to the pandemic, Irene had to close her classroom and stopped teaching. However, she has recently opened an Art Gallery in Nyack, where she will be showing her artwork along with the work of many other talented Hudson Valley artists! She may also hold some limited "paint and sip" workshops for adults. Fill in the contact form on the right if you wish to be notified of updates!

Irene stated: "One of the saddest things I've heard from my adult and teen students is that an art teacher once told them that 'you will never be able to draw or paint.'  

"The problem was that those TEACHERS didn't know how to teach! Clearly, they are in the wrong profession!"  I teach an EZ Draw class that teaches anyone to basically be able to draw whatever they can see in just 3 hours! Students revealed amazing drawing skills! And the work my painting students created was truly amazing too!

"My student feedback and comments and the beautiful art my students have produced in my classes and workshops prove that ANYONE CAN LEARN TO DRAW OR PAINT if they have the desire and the right instructor!" 

"It brings me so much personal joy and satisfaction knowing that I helped many students overcome the false narrative injected by inept and frankly, cruel art teachers!"