Frequently Asked Questions
Can anyone sign up for your classes or workshops?

Our classes and workshops are available for HS, College Students and Adults.  We specialize in BEGINNERS!  Unlike other schools that place you in a large group of beginners and advanced painters, our BEGINNER classes are JUST FOR BEGINNERS!  We provide you with easy to follow, step by step instruction so you build knowledge and confidence in your painting skills as you learn basic techniques and paint several beautiful paintings!

Where do you teach your  classes and programs

We are now offering classes in the Broadway Lofts Mall inside our lovely art gallery in Nyack, NY at 85 South Broadway. We consider our classes to be "semi-private"!  We have a maximum of only 4 students per class, so each student gets more attention. We are known to provide high-quality instruction so we don't just try to fill up a large room with students. We prefer smaller classes that are more relaxing, more fun and more conducive to learning for everyone.

We are also hired by individuals, small groups, libraries, schools, businesses, camps, etc to  teach private workshops on location at homes, schools, libraries, offices, halls, community centers, camps, etc.  

How do you teach beginner your students to draw or paint?

Artist, Irene Czys, the founder of at Arts Alive, created her own unique  Step-by-Step instruction methods that we've successfully used since 2004. When you sign up for a Beginner Workshop with us, you are in a class with other beginner students.  We never mix advanced students with beginners!  We also keep our classes small so each student gets personal attention.  Our small group classes are very relaxing and fun.

Our classes are structured to teach you fundamental painting techniques in an easy to follow, step by step method so you actually LEARN and KNOW what you're doing each step of the way!  This way, you will have the knowledge and confidence to begin painting on your own.

I'm an adult. I never studied art but always wanted to learn how to draw and paint.  Where should I begin?

The best place for adults, HS or college students to begin Drawing is our 
"EZ Learn To Draw Workshop"  or any of our Beginner Classes

In 2004, when Arts Alive was founded, we formulated our own unique teaching methods, whereby we take beginner art students on a painting journey where they learn basic techniques and concepts using a STEP-BY-STEP instructional method so they fully understand what they are doing, and what they need to do in order to achieve their personal painting goals.

Our goal is to teach you essential basic techniques, so you will have the confidence and knowledge to begin painting on your own.  One of the most gratifying parts of teaching is watching students explore and discover their own artistic abilities, ideas and talent!

What is the next step after I take one of your classes or workshops?   
The next step would be to take time to practice drawing and painting on your own at home. We will offer Advanced Beginner classes and workshops for your continued learning and growth. In these programs you will continue to explore and learn various painting techniques and concepts and also learn about other types (and more sophisticated) painting tools and supplies.  Please ask for information about our Advanced Workshops.  You can also register to take additional art classes at your local library, schools or colleges.

How long should I take art classes or workshops?

As long as you want to!  Most artists continue to attend art workshops and programs throughout their lives because there is always something new to learn, explore or enjoy from other artists and other art students too.
Once you have taken our Beginner and Level 2 programs and have a foundation in the basics of painting, you should attend various art workshops, retreats, etc. with us and other instructors and artists to continue to explore and grow as an artist.  Also, reading art-related magazines and instructional art books to study at home is also essential.

What if I have my own ideas about things I want to paint?

After the Beginner Classes are completed, students can work on instructor provided projects or on their own projects in our Level 2 programs.  We can offer you guidance as you deal with the challenges of your personal painting project.

Can anyone learn to draw and paint?

Yes, if you have a desire to learn how to draw and paint, then you will want to learn how and enjoy the process.  Some people are attracted to music, some to theatre, some to dance, some to sports and some to art. Generally, what is in your heart to pursue is what you will do best at. If art is your passion, then you should do just fine, especially with our easy to follow, step by step instructional methods.  

What about art supplies?

We provide all supplies for some workshops. For the art classes, we give you a supply list to purchase items from Michael's in Nanuet.

What about Cancellations?

If a workshop is canceled by us due to weather or other matters, you can receive a refund or a credit toward another date, whichever you prefer.  

If you can't attend a workshop that you signed up for you and notify us within 9 days 0r less prior to the class, you can give or sell your seat to a friend. We give you a 50% credit toward another class or workshop. If you cancel 10 or more days prior to the program date you will receive a 100% credit for another class.

More questions?  Contact us!

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