Student Comments

Here are some student comments about our classes:
"E-Z DRAW" One-Day Workshop: "Irene is the encouraging art teacher I wish that I had 30 years ago. She taught me to see what I could do rather than what I couldn't do. I look at things differently now--I want to draw everything I see!"  A. Peterson, Middletown, NY

Adult Beginner Acrylic: "I've taken painting classes elsewhere in Rockland County, but learned more about color mixing and various painting techniques at Arts Alive than anywhere else." 
K. Roskowski, Pomona. 

"E-Z DRAW" One-Day Workshop: "The one day drawing class showed me I actually can draw. It amazed me that the instructor was able to develop skills I didn't know I had in such a short time!"
J. Knarich, Nyack, NY

Adult Beginner Watercolor Class: "I've enjoyed dabbling in oils and watercolors over the years and have attended several workshops 
at other art schools in the past. While enjoyable,  these workshops (at other art schools) turned out to be "sit down and paint" types of events with no instruction. However, the Arts Alive Beginners Watercolor sessions have provided me with a springboard to grow. Classes provided not only basic background tools but also a relaxed and pleasant forum to discuss and of course, to paint.
N. Calvario Tomkins Cove, NY 

Adult Beginner Acrylic & Weekly Painting Studio: "Beginning a painting class can be so intimidating, the NY Arts Alive class put me totally at ease." L. Killoran, Harrington Park, NJ

Adult Beginner Watercolor Class: "The Beginning Watercolor classes were relaxing, and it was meaningful for me to discover I have the ability to paint a real picture worth framing and displaying in my home. For someone whose life is all straight lines and details I appreciated tapping into the other side of my brain for a change." 
J. Knarich, Nyack, NY

"E-Z DRAW" One-Day Workshop"Everyone Can Paint", "Color Mixing with Acrylics": My experience at Arts Alive has been one of learning, patience, excitement, peace and  a feeling of accomplishment. By that I mean, I have learned the steps it takes to be artful with the use of paints. With sketching, I have learned  to be patient with the details of each object. With each class I have been excited and yet peaceful with each new experience. Lastly, seeing the end product is a good feeling of accomplishment. All of this with the guided hand of a great instructor.  
V. Velez, Pomona, NY
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-Since 2005-
Serving students from the Hudson Valley,
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